EAW KF550 “One Box” Full Range Flying System (c1987)

EAW KF550 “One Box” Horn Loaded Full Range System
Forsythe Series

The Forsythe Series KF550 is a high defini- tion sound reinforcement loudspeaker system designed for high output sound reinforcement applications. Its “One Box” design permits ease oI transport and idealized driver alignment and subassembly integration resulting in max- imally flat frequency and phase response. The use of complex subassemblies provides full horn loading over its entire operating range for precise control of coverage and directivity.
TheKF550’sadvanced technology isthe direct result of EAW’s unmatched expertise in “One Box”system design and construction; after all, EAW invented the “One Box”horn loaded system. By working closely with the leading sound rental companies throughout
the world, we designed the KF550for the way you use professional loudspeakers. You’ll find that its features will make your operation more efficient and cost effective.

Link for PDF: EAW KF550 “One Box” Horn Loaded Full Range System 1987 Data Sheet