EAW MK II Series Full Range Systems (c1979)

EAW MK II Series Full Range Systems Data Sheet (c1979)

The MK series direct radiating full range enclosures are designed to offer the levels required for concert stage use with the sonic performance associated with professional studio monitors. They allow the use of drivers from a number of high-quality manufacturers such as EAW, JBL, Gauss, EV, Altec, TAD, etc. in a cabinet ready to accept them. Crossovers, horns/lens and optimum tuning is already provided.Addition- ally,the cabinets are designed to withstand the rigors of roadtour use without deterioration or failure. These design parameters have been met or exceeded in every MK II system. The variety of models and options enables a system to be configured for any nearfield application allowing off the shelf delivery and pricing on semi-custom systems.

Link for PDF: EAW MK II Series Full Range Systems Data Sheet (c1979)