JBL 1970 HiFi Catalog

Listen. It’s tomorrow.
It’s a new sound. Environmental sound.(Close your eyes, the speakers go away. Your room enlarges. You’re in the middle of a concert hall.)
Is it better than directional sound? No. It’s different. It’s bigger. It’s encompassing, but not overpowering.
Is it different from omnidirectional sound? Yes. And it’s better. More na1ural. No gimmicks.
Put Aquarius where it can please the eye, like a painting or a print or a vase. Forget about placement limitations.
The engineering is inside.
Play it soflly and hear everything. Turn up the volume and immerse yourself in honest sound. The performance is right there. You’re part of it. No distractions. No
breakup. No distortion.
Listen to the deep, profound, tight incisive bass.Listen to the transparent midrange. Listen to the silky highs.
All at once.
Listen to Aquarius. Everything you hear is true.

Link to PDF: JBL-HiFi-Catalog-1971.pdf