JBL 2410 1-in Exit Compression Driver

Model 2410 is a professional quality high frequency compression driver which provides clear, crisp, natural repro- duction of speech and music. It is ideally suited to high-quality sound reinforcement installations. Its high efficiency and power capacity permit great dynamic range, and its peak-free response means that greater gain can be attained without acoustic feedback. The 2410 incorporates a dural diaphragm, hydro- pneumatically drawn to avoid localized stresses or work hardening, concentric exponential phasing plug, I 3/4 inch edgewound aluminum ribbon voice coil, highly efficient magnetic assembly, and non-resonant cast aluminum back plate. Traditional JBL standards of precision, involving tolerances so close as to be considered impractical by industry standards, result in unparalleled performance. Calibrated impedance and response curves are run to make sure that every unit released meets JBL’s performance criteria, and that alI 2410’s are accurately matched in performance characteristics.

Link for PDF: JBL-2410-1-in-Comp.pdf