JBL 5231 & 5232 Crossover

The 5231 and 5232 Electronic Frequency Dividing Networks are designed for use with studio monitor or sound reinforcement loudspeaker systems where bi-amplification or tri-amplification is desirable. The use of electronic frequency dividing networks and multiple amplifiers results in a cleaner signal being fed from the power source directly to the individual loudspeakers of the system. By dividing the audio spectrum before power ampli-fication, treble tones are separated from, and unaffected by, bass frequencies. The result is more efficient utilization of avail- able amplifier power. For example, a system consisting of 100- Watt low frequency and 50-Watt high frequency amplifiers will provide the same low distortion performance as would a single 300-Watt amplifier driving the loudspeaker system through a conventional passive frequency dividing network. Direct coup- ling to the loudspeakers eliminates the insertion loss typical of most passive networks and also permits realization of the maxi- mum damping factor available from a given amplifier.

Link for PDF: JBL 5231 & 5232 Crossover