JBL 6010 Power Amp

The JBL 6010 is a highly reliable, conservatively rated ampli- fier, designed for professional sound engineering applications where a high degree of performance is required.

The circuitry has been carefully designed to reduce the possibil- ity of failure within the specified environmental and electrical conditions. A protective circuit is utilized in this amplifier which makes it virtually impossible to damage it under any conditions of overload, including shorted or grossly mismatched load, inductive load at low frequencies, capacitive load at high frequencies, excessive input signal, white noise or installation errors.

The JBL 6010 can be overdriven by at least ten times normal input voltage, from 40-15 kHz, and eventually produces square waves increasing in RMS value up to about 160W at which point the output actually begins to decrease.

Link for PDF: JBL 6010 Power Amp