EAW – How is it made

Reliability is the sum of the parts
Do loudspeaker enclosures really need to be built from such expensive materials, machined to such close tolerances, designed with such attention to detail? When your business and the safety of your clients and their audiences depend on it, there are not short cuts. Kenton Forsythe, EAW’s Executive Vice President of Engineering, often refers to the “unwritten rules of professional speaker design:
1. Make sound.
2. Keep making sound.
3. Make good sound.
In other words, the greatest speaker in the world does no good if it’s not working. EAW’s construction process has survived some very tough tests, including natural disasters. Several years ago, a tornado picked some CS103’s belonging to PA rental company Carlos Sound off the stage and deposited them in a nearby creek. One enclosure was dropped on a fence post that went right through the displacement plug, the cone driver and the door on the rear panel. Service technicians replaced the door, the driver and the plug, and the system was “making good sound” that same night.

Link for PDF: EAW How is it made