1987 EV MT-4 Loudspeaker Ad

Large scale concert sound reinforcement has a smaller future.

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Manifold Technology™ delivers…twice the output in half the space!
Concert sound is getting smaller, System size, that is, not tour dollars!
In fact, the high-level sound market is stronger than ever. But high transportation and setup costs are forcing lighter, smaller and more efficient speaker systems. While audiences demand better fidelity.
That’s why we’ve made Manifold Technology systems twice us loud in hulf the spuce. The two-box, 4-way active MT-4 uses 4 (four!) drivers in each bandpass for unequaled acoustic output. Now, your system can be one quarter the size or four times as loud compared to other designs.
The MTA-42 Manifold Technology adapter combines four compression drivers without added distortion. And without the phase cancellations of Y-adapters! That’s 4 supertweeter and 4 upper-midrange compression drivers on identical 60° × 40° constant-directivity horns. To complete the MTH-4
“high” box, four DL10X woofers use proprietary phase plugs to provide seamless vocals from 160-1600 Hz. The result is flawless 138-dB midbass at 1 meter!