1952 Ampex 400 Tape Recorder Ad

An AMPEX is always ready to go
— Even after thousands of hours of service

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Supreme reliability is the most important quality your tape recorder can have – whether your station is 250 watts or 50,000 watts. Countless operators have found that AMPEX eliminates the fussing, the adjustments, and the uncertainty they had previously suffered in using tape recorders that were “built to a price.”
The AMPEX 400 Series Recorder is the one outstanding bargain in tape recorder service. It costs least per hour of use; it minimizes maintenance and adjustment; it protects your programs from the hazard of sudden failure; and its reliability frees your engineer’s attention for other tasks.
Even after thousands of hours of service, your AMPEX Recorder will be reliable in these important ways:
• When you press the button, it operates
• Program timing stays accurate
• Starting, stopping, and rewind will operate smoothly
• Fidelity will still bo high
• Maintenance costs will still be low