1970 Dolby Walter Carlos Ad

Walter Carlos, creator of “Switched-On Bach” and “The Well-Tempered Synthesizer,””
uses the Dolby System.

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Mr. Carlos says, “The raw materials of electronic music – the outputs of my Synthesizer, for example – are sounds which can be varied from striking purity to extreme complexity. After a desired sound is created, often with considerable effort, it must be preserved with care. to be combined later with others in a meticulous layer by layer process. The noises of magnetic recording are significant hazards in this regard, since they are particularly noticeable in electronic music. However, my experience confirms that the Dolby System effectively attenuates the noise build-up in electronic music synthesis. My studio at TEMPI is equipped with ten Dolby units, which I consider to be indespensible in my work.”
Whatever your recording activities, the dependable Dolby System can help you make good recordings even better. Now in use in over 100 companies in 21 countries around the world.