1986 Turbosound DEFY GRAVITY Ad


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Some speaker systems attempt to conquer acoustic space with brute force. – deploying massive cabinets, firing horns at everything that moves. Others resort to electronic trickery, which requires delicate racks of complex gadgetry.
Innovative designs for effective performance
Turbosound Separated Enclosure installation systems achieve their superior performance without useless bulk or “clever” disguises. Instead, they employ unique, patented design principles proven on tours and installations worldwide.
A true svstem is more than the sum of its parts
The TSE System focuses Turbosound thinking, outwardly radical yet intrinsically sensible, on the problems of fixed installations. TSE is more than a collection of cabinets: it’s a true system, with all elements working together. A variety of straightforward designs, all producing distinguished sound with securitv and reliability.