1991 JBL Concert Series Ad

It Takes Real Guts To Face A Crowd Like This.

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Concert Series
They want it all. The expect it. They deserve it. And, frankly, you wouldn’t have made it this far if vou had delivered anything but your absolute best. Night alter night, show after show.
At JBL. we share your dedication and desire to take yOur music to the top. That’s precisely why we invested the time and energy we did into the development of Concert Series loudspeaker systems. Just as every note and word must work to. gether in perfect harmony, every component in a professional sound system must integrate and function perfectly with each other.
Concert Series has the “guts” to face the most demanding audi ences. This fact is underscored by the major tours and concert venues that have selected Concert
Series. From reggae and rock to solo and svm phonic performances, Concert Series is helping artists the world over to give their fans the calibre of performance they demand and deserve, night after night, show after show.
We encourage vou to audition Concert Series. Do it tor vour fans. Do it for vourself. Visit vour JBL Professional dealer and discover for yourself why
Concert Series is hanging around with some of the biggest names in the music business.