1998 EAW KF700 VA4 AD

Give Yourself An Unfair Advantage
VA4 The New KF700 Series

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No other loudspeaker provides the KF750’s level of control in both the horizontal and vertical planes
No other one-box system arrays better or provides a more consistent sound field.
No other array system provides better fidelity.
No other array system its size can match the KF750’s output.
No other array system that’s as powerful is as small and light.
No other three-way touring system has the KF750’s Acoustic Singularity™ design that lets it act as a true point source.
No other array system includes a full range downfill module like the KF755.
No other array system covers a wider range of venues.
No other one-box system provides more even coverage from a dead hang.
No other array system provides greater flexibility.
No other array system stacks three-high in a truck.
No other loudspeaker had more user input during its design.
EAW’s KF700 Series. Like no other.
The Laws of Physics / The Art of Listening