1980 Bose 802s Disco Ad

“Bose 802s are amazing speakers.”

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Rather than blowing our own “horn” and describing how the Bose Model 802 speaker System does away with awkward horns and bulky bass cabinets that are nightmares to use -we’ve decided to iet one of our enthusiastic, satisfied dealers do the talking:
“For me. the basic advantages of the Bose 802 over any other type of speaker system are sound and size. Most of my customers want speakers that sound good and don’t spoil the show by drawing attention to themselves
“Iam very conscious of sound … I was a professional musician before / became a dealer. As a performer and a listener, as well as an installer. I would never sacrifice good sound for size. If I fell a speaker had lo be big to give a big sound, I would choose it over a smaller one. But Bose 802s are amazing speakers. Bose provides inti mate, living-room, high-fidelity sound for the listener -never the offensive. listener-fatiquing type of sound that you often get from a horn-loaded sound system.