1985 Crown DC-300A miraculously Ad

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In the early evening of Sept. 17, 1973, Jay Barth was at the wheel of a 22 ft. utility truck that was loaded with sound equip-ment. Just south of Benton Harbor, MI an oncoming car crossed the center-line; fortunately Jay steered clear of the impending head-on collision. Unfortunately, a soft shoulder caused the truck to roll two and one half times. Exit several Crown DC-300A’s through the metal roof of the truck’s cargo area.
The airborne 300A’s finally came to rest – scattered about in a muddy field, where they remained partially submerged for four and a half hours.
Jay miraculously escaped injury; the amplifiers apparently had not.
Unbelievably, after a short time under a blow-dryer all the amps worked perfectly and are still going strong
The rest – and the truck, is history